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Broadband and Hosting

Broadband and Hosting

ETS is a market leader in business broadband. As partners to a number of service providers; this allows us to offer the best solution for your business requirements with the following benefits:

• Award Winning Fast and Reliable Business Grade BroadbandBroadband and hosting page image
• State of the Art Hardware
• Fibre Optic Technology
• Dedicated Maintenance Support
• Remote Diagnostics
• Wireless access

Businesses should note that business broadband always takes precedence over domestic versions and it is vital for your business to have true business broadband. At ETS, we only supply fit for purpose business broadband with the full range of connectivity including:

• Fibre Optic
• EFM (Ethernet First Mile)
• Annex M
• Wireless/Satellite Connection
• LLU (Local Loop Unbundling)

Depending on the product taken and also the length of contract you require, we may be able to provide free installation and free equipment, which can result in huge savings for the customer. Please contact us for more details

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